Clothing: Clothes should be comfortable, washable and appropriate for camp activities (sandbox, sitting on the rug, art activities, field sports, etc.)

A complete change of clothing is to be kept in camp: Each item (including socks) should be marked with your child's name. Please send a plastic shoebox size con-tainer, marked with your child's name, for storing clothes in camp.

Mark clothing: Clothing especially outerwear, should be marked with your child's name.

For Toddlers: Toddlers not yet toilet trained should have a supply of diapers and wipes sufficient for several days in camp to be replenished as needed. We do not initiate toilet training, but we will support your efforts as much as possible.

Tzedaka: We encourage the children to bring tzedaka(money for charity) every day. A penny or two is fine - the point is to develop a daily habit of sharing. It also helps children associate money with giving and doing a good deed.

Mitzvah notes: A Mitzvah Note is a narrative recognizing the child's positive behavior and actions. To enhance the partnership between home and camp, we encourage families to write mitzvah notes.

Camper’s Birthdays: If your child’s birthday falls on a camp day, please notify the Camp Director at least a week in advance so that we may help him/her celebrate this special day. Please make sure that birthday treats are Nut Free, Pareve and Pat Yisroel.